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As A home Inspector, I am very aware of the importance of proper dryer venting, and the very real fire hazards of improper venting. So When I noticed poor performance of my own personal dryer, I decided to have James Smith, of the dryer vent Wizard, Service my equipment. This way I could see first hand the service he would provide customers.

James immediately found blockage in my vent, and advised me how he could improve the vent set up behind my dryer, as well. In a short time, I had a clear vent, with a better performing, safer vent set up behind my dryer. My wife and I noticed an immediate and significant decline in drying time. The service really does pay for itself.

And what else is more important to any of us then our Family members and the house we live in, housing all our personal belongings? Protect all that by enlisting the quality, professional services of James Smith, a real dryer vent wizard! I highly recommend it!

Matt Irion
Home Inspector

Dryer Vent Wizard was here on Thursday, January 22 to clean the vent system and install the transition converter. Friday was laundry day here. I was so pleased with the drying results. Everything was dried in one cycle and on lower heat than I had used in the past. Even the towels that used to take 2 or 3 cycles on the hottest setting (and still came out damp) were done in one single cycle and were totally dry. This was an excellent investment that I will share with the home owners association. I hope you get a bunch of calls.

Great job... great service.

Thanks again.

I wanted to drop you a note to say "thanks" for the work Dryer Vent Wizard performed at our residence on May 15th.  

They were pleasant to deal with and wasted zero time in completing the work.  The dryer works fine, the cats in the basement like the reduced humidity, and I don't have to look at that darn sock that used to serve as my dryer "vent." Thanks again and the best of luck with the business.


Excellent service! Another company had performed repairs on our old dryer and removed the existing "hose" between the dryer outlet and vent inlet, explaining that it was an old type that was a fire hazard. However, they were not allowed to install a new one! After(luckily)noticing a Dryer Vent Wizard truck in my area, I called them, we discussed our problem, they explained what they could do, and an appointment was made for two days later. Their technician arrived precisely on time, was thoroughly professional and very courteous, and explained quite a bit about the process and procedures to me. Since our dryer needs to sit very close to the wall, but the outlet and vent inlet are offset from one another, it seemed(to me)a very difficult task to devise an appropriate connection-but not to your technician! He proved that there's nothing like having the right equipment, supplies and experience for the job! He then tested the airflow at the vent outlet outside, and then, with my approval, thoroughly cleaned the vent, which, it turned out, was most certainly necessary! The entire operation took a little more than an hour. As I explained to the technician, I don't mind paying a small premium for quality work, and that was certainly the case here! This was an excellent example of what happens when you call the right people to do the right job! My wife and I are very pleased!